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15 Horrifying Stories of Real-Life Axe Murderers  

Jacoby Bancroft
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Why the heck were axes even invented? Sure, they're helpful tools for chopping wood and such, but they're also one of the most gruesome murder weapons of all time. Being shot is one thing, being poisoned is another, but being hacked to death by an ax is just horrible.

Unfortunately for mankind, history has seen a lot of psychotic ax murderers in its time. Some of these ruthless killers you have probably heard of, like the infamous Lizzie Borden, but others on this list might be new to you. Either way, it's important that you familiarize yourself with these people so you know how to avoid ax murderers in everyday life. 

Read on for a list of some of history's bloodiest killers.
The Axeman of New Orleans is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 15 Horrifying Stories of Real-Life Axe Murderers
Photo: Joseph John Devilla/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

This mysterious killer was never properly identified, but his grip on the city of New Orleans remains one of that city's most infamous tales. Between 1918 and 1919, 12 people were brutally attacked by the Axeman, seven of whom died from their injuries. People were terrified of this brutal killer, but nobody knew who he was.

Then one day, an ominous letter was delivered to the local newspapers, supposedly from the Axeman. In the letter, he claimed to be a demon from "the hottest hell" and warned the city that the following Tuesday night, he was going to kill again. However, he wrote, he would spare anyone who was playing jazz music.

The following Tuesday night was one of the loudest in New Orleans's history, as jazz was playing in every home. Apparently it worked, as no one was killed that night. Of course, there was no way to know if the letter writer was the Axeman, and the killer was never caught. see more on The Axeman of New Orleans
Lizzie Borden is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 15 Horrifying Stories of Real-Life Axe Murderers
Photo: Anonymous/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Lizzie Borden is infamous for her arrest in 1892 for the murders of her father and stepmother. She was acquitted, but controversy still continues to this day about the double-murder case. Both Andrew and Abby Borden were found horribly hacked to death by an ax.

Lizzie was the only suspect, but even though she had both motive and means, they didn't have enough proper evidence to convict her. 

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The Servant Girl Annihilator
Servant Girl Annihilator is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 15 Horrifying Stories of Real-Life Axe Murderers
Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

In 1885, a horrific ax murderer terrorized Austin, Texas. Eight murders occurred, all in a similar fashion. The victims were all attacked in their beds with a swift blow to the head with an ax. Their bodies were then dragged outside, where they were raped and mutilated. The killer often left the ax behind, but despite that evidence, the police could not catch the man responsible.

However, the law finally caught an extremely lucky break when the killer apparently fell right into their laps. In Masontown, a man in a drunken rage attacked a young girl in a saloon. He grabbed the girl and started dragging her out of the saloon and into a nearby house, where her screams attracted the cops. When they arrived, the man attacked the cops with a knife, and even though they tried to subdue him, nothing worked. The cops eventually had to shoot him. A cop's bullet lodged into the man's spine and paralyzed the him, and he died the following day.

It was only then that the cops noticed the man had only nine toes, just like the Servant Girl Annihilator, whose bloody footprints had been left at several crime scenes. Was this the mysterious murderer? Despite this clue, the identity of the Servant Girl Annihilator has never been conclusively determined, and some evidence even links him to Jack the Ripper
Frances Stewart Silver
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In 1833, Frances "Frankie" Stewart Silver was hanged for the murder of her husband, Charles Silver, with an ax. "Death by ax" isn't exactly a peaceful way to go, but Charles Silver's death was even worse than most. His dismembered body pieces were scattered around their farm in North Carolina.

Unlike with other murderers on this list, there's an air of doubt regarding if Frances actually killed her husband. There was weak evidence at the trial, but the jury still convicted her. Later, she had help escaping prison, but her escape plan was foiled, and she was still sent to the gallows to die.