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These Are The Real Cults That Inspired Season 7 Of American Horror Story

There's probably a lot of crossover on the Venn diagram of American Horror Story: Cult fans and those that find themselves lost in a click-hole spiral through Wikipedia's cult and serial killer pages once a week. Those viewers have likely looked into all the American Horror Story real-life inspirations that are referenced on the show. But what about Kai and his nihilistic clown cult in Season 7? Is American Horror Story: Cult based on a true story?

Ryan Murphy loves his not-so-subtle homages and easter eggs and has already revealed that Evan Peters will be playing a number of infamous cult leaders in flashbacks in the coming episodes. There are plenty of references to cults that inspired AHS: Cult.  

So which cult leader does Kai most resemble? Why is Lena Dunham playing Valerie Solanas? Who are all the targets that extend beyond Ally that Meadow alluded to? What's the cult's ultimate goal? Here are all the ways the cults on AHS have already popped up and a few culty things we know are coming up this season.