Graveyard Shift

13 Real Photos That Might Just Contain The Devil

If the day-to-day living nightmare that is the modern world is any indication, the devil is real and he’s here to party. But you can’t just go off vague speculation and a near-constant barrage of daily terror, there needs to be photographic evidence to prove that the dark lord is a corporeal being that walks amongst men. Thankfully, the brave photographers featured on this list have taken it upon themselves to post proof that Lucifer, the lord of the pit, is real and he’s hanging out on Earth and taking in the spoils of a world turned upside-down.

Do you believe in Satan? Do you think it’s possible that the king of fallen angels is lounging around in a pit of fire and brimstone waiting to torment your soul if you step out of line? If not, you may want to rethink your worldview after you see these terrifying photos of the devil. 

Even if you don’t believe in the afterlife, you’ll want to take a look at these photos and think about the possibility of something beyond the world we know. After all, your immortal soul could depend on it.