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16 Real-Life Crimes And Murders Inspired By The Joker

The Joker is one of the best villains in comic and cinematic history. Not only is he the perfect anarchic foil to Batman’s whole brooding Boy Scout thing, he’s also a fun character. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who found inspiration for crimes from the Joker - especially Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the character as an unbeatable force of chaos. Crimes inspired by the Joker show you just how much of a nightmare it would be if the Joker actually existed, so maybe it’s good that most of these wannabe Jokers were arrested before they could do too much harm.

The most frightening aspect of people who pulled off Joker heists in real life is that they were fully committed to creating mass panic, eschewing their morals for a desire for nothing more than to see the terror they caused by destroying lives in the real world. As you’ll come to find out, most of the people who tried to pull off Joker’s crimes in real life were much less adept at living a life of crime than the comic book villain.