More Haunting Photos That Suggest Ghosts Are Real

The creepiest real ghost pictures are ancient classics as old as photography itself. Development errors and glitches aside, some of those pictures have been scanned and touched up so many times that it's hard to tell where the original ended and ghost hunters began. But it's still possible to find unedited, unfiltered, unadulterated photographs that suggest ghost activities.

We've scoured the subreddit r/paranormal as well as the forums of ParanormalSoup to find the best recent photographs of ghosts. What do you think? Are these real ghost photos? You be the judge.

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    Little Girl In The Window

    Little Girl In The Window
    Photo: u/SavoringSavannah / Reddit

    From Redditor u/SavoringSavannah:

    Apparently a little girl died in front of the right window. Look in the bottom of the window. Also there other picture of this window by other sources where the face is captured but in different locations, so it isn't a physical object inside the house.

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    She's Watching You

    She's Watching You
    Photo: Natasha Oliver / Facebook

    Facebook user Natasha Oliver posted this chilling photo of her friends hanging out at an empty new housing block in Shropshire, England. The group didn't realize that a ghostly apparition of a woman was quietly watching them until they started looking over their pictures. But when some guys from the group went to go find the creepy woman, there was no one in the building.

    "It’s on the site of an old wood yard so there would have been people working here," Oliver said. "It could be any one of the workers. It looks maybe like a lady holding a baby."

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    Strange Things Happen

    Strange Things Happen
    Photo: u/sterlingdrive / Reddit

    From Redditor u/sterlingdrive:

    Received this picture from a friend who's roommate has suspected the house she lived in with her ex-husband was haunted. Strange things would happen downstairs, but nothing that left them feeling they were in danger. Her ex sent her this picture. What is the shadow in the right?

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    Little Ghost Girl

    Little Ghost Girl
    Photo: u/britneyc / Reddit

    From Redditor u/britneyc:

    Email from my dad, his friend's neighbor has had several sightings of a little ghost girl. You can see her face in the bookcase by the chair.

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    A Friend In The Background

    A Friend In The Background
    Photo: u/ShakyFtSlasher / Reddit

    From Redditor u/ShakyFtSlasher:

    My friend sent me this picture she took of her little cousin.

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    Photo: u/diygardening / Reddit

    From Redditor u/diygardening:

    My friend's Easter. This thing was not invited.

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