Terrified People Describe Their Real Life Ghost Encounters

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Encounters with the paranormal don't just happen in books and movies, as these real ghost stories shared by Reddit users can attest. Perhaps you're a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, but after reading these tales of hauntings, ghost encounters, and strange, creepy occurrences, you might become a believer - or if not, you'll at least read some great spooky stories.

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    Ghostly Drumming

    "I was 19. I used to walk to Denny's from my house every evening, leaving around 8 or 9pm. There, I would hang out with my friends, smoke and drink coffee, and play cards until 2 or 3 in the morning. This one particular evening I left later than usual, probably around 11pm or so.

    The Denny's was 5.7 miles from my house, so it was a bit of a walk. So I'm walking along like I had done dozens of time before. I get to a wooded area that always got dark, and I started hearing music from a house off the road. Just heavy bass drums with a real steady beat. Not a big deal, because people out that way always had big parties. I continue walking but the music doesn't go away.

    I stop, and listen real carefully and it sounds more like drums in a continuous loop. There's not another parallel road for a couple miles from where I am, so it cannot come from a vehicle. I continue walking and for about two miles I continue to hear this music. Never gets louder and never gets quieter. I stop and listen again. It sounds a lot like Native American drums.

    I walk again, quickening my pace. As I walk, listening to the drums that are following me, I start to smell gun powder. I walk a mile listening to drums and smelling gun powder.

    I may have started getting really creeped out, so I'm not sure if I heard footsteps behind me, or if it was just my imagination. I only hear them for a couple hundred feet. Then I walk into a clearing in the woods, and it all disappears. The drums stop, I don't smell gunpowder, no footsteps (except mine). Just me walking.

    I get to Denny's entirely shook up, but I didn't share my story for a few days."

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    A Loud Ghost

    "When I was about 13 or 14 I lived in a normal block house in a suburban neighborhood with my family. We were told by the previous tenant that her husband had died in the house, but we weren't told specifically where. One night after I turned the lights off to go to sleep, I heard a loud rustling noise and then a BANG that caused me to jump up and turn the lights on. Everyone in the house heard it and ran into the hallway to see if I was okay. As I looked into my room to see what the noise was, I saw my jewelry box (which had a set of doors on the front which latched shut) fully open with all the drawers hanging open. I threw that thing in the closet so quick and never pulled it out to use again.

    I still heard things in that house. One night I was watching something funny on TV in my room and heard a man (seemingly sitting right next to me) laugh in my ear as clear as day. It wasn't from the TV."

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    First College Apartment

    "My first apartment during college was haunted. I had a really long hallway that lead from my room to the front door. At night I would often hear footsteps echoing in the hall when my roommate wasn't home. My dog would hear it too and just start barking and looking out into the hall, as if he saw someone there. One night while I was studying, I noticed a sign I had hanging on my doorknob start swinging back and forth. No windows were open, the A/C wasn't on, there was no reason for it to be moving. I said, 'Stop!" and it promptly stopped swinging. A few months later I found out from the landlord that a few years prior a tenant had hung himself in the basement. Maybe it was him."
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    Writing in the Mirror

    "This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Most people I tell try to come up with a logical explanation, but there is none.

    So, after living in my new house for five months or so, I decide to take a shower. One of my friends had just slept over. I had taken a crap ton of showers in that bathroom already, so it's not like it was anything new. So I take my shower, get out to dry off, and look at the steamed up mirror.

    On the mirror, in PERFECT writing (no human could do with their finger) read something along the lines of 'Dear father, please forgive me." I completely forget the rest because I was just so freaked out. But it was terrifying. The bathroom door was locked the entire time, and no one could have gotten in. It had also never been there any other time I took a shower. So, yeah, no idea what the f*ck that was, but it scared the sh*t out of me."