Graveyard Shift Terrified People Describe Their Real Life Ghost Encounters  

Christopher Shultz
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Encounters with the paranormal don't just happen in books and movies, as these real ghost stories shared by Reddit users can attest. Perhaps you're a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, but after reading these tales of hauntings, ghost encounters, and strange, creepy occurrences, you might become a believer - or if not, you'll at least read some great spooky stories.
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Photographic Evidence

"I am a mental health therapist. 

"One of my schizophrenic clients said he was seeing a girl in his room and he said she was talking to him. We believed it to be a hallucination, as he was living alone. The doctor I was with decided to challenge his delusion and had him take a picture of her so we could 'meet her'.

"During, the next visit...he brought a picture. And yes, she was there. To our astonishment and horror there was a picture of him on the couch with a strange creamy, ghost like image of a girl hovering behind him...shrouding him in white like wings or hair...very light in color, but subtle shimmering image! What was eerie was seeing him sitting on the couch with his head down, very depressed looking. She was literally haunting him. 

"All our jaws hit the floor. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone examined the picture...and we could tell it was real. Dude was very low-functioning and could not have 'shopped it. Shit got real. WE were haunted.

"The doctor in utter amazement knew medication wouldn't treat this and said, "I can't help you with are going to need to see your clergy for this."

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The Masked Old Man

"Once I was staying over a friend's house and was sleeping in her bed. She had a large double bed pushed up against the wall, so we both slept in there. I slept with my back facing the room that night, with my friend sleeping next to me. 

"About midway through the night, I start having a very elaborate dream about work. The dream wasn't anything significant, just something stupid. Then as it progressed, it became more ominous. A man wearing a mask (similar to a Japanese kabuki mask) was chasing me around my workplace, attempting to kill me. Then at some point, I began to wake up, as I felt someone standing directly behind me. The dream progresses again, and the man has found me. At that point, my wakeful state began to set in further, as I could feel someone gently stroking my hair. Terrified, I laid there, slightly disorientated, as I was still somewhat in my dream. Then I hear a gravelly voice from behind me say, 'Hello little girl," and a number of other things I can't remember, as well as the sensation of someone still stroking my hair.  

"I am fully awake at this point but lying still as can be, with my eyes pressed shut, fearing for my life. Finally I mustered up the courage to sit up in bed and look around the room. There was no one there. To this day I can still remember the deep gravelly sound of his voice.  

"The thing that made it real for me, is when i told the dream to my friend, she recounted several harrowing tales of seeing an older man spirit wandering around her house."

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A Loud Ghost

"When I was about 13 or 14 I lived in a normal block house in a suburban neighborhood with my family. We were told by the previous tenant that her husband had died in the house, but we weren't told specifically where. One night after I turned the lights off to go to sleep, I heard a loud rustling noise and then a BANG that caused me to jump up and turn the lights on. Everyone in the house heard it and ran into the hallway to see if I was okay. As I looked into my room to see what the noise was, I saw my jewelry box (which had a set of doors on the front which latched shut) fully open with all the drawers hanging open. I threw that thing in the closet so quick and never pulled it out to use again.  

"I still heard things in that house. One night I was watching something funny on TV in my room and heard a man (seemingly sitting right next to me) laugh in my ear as clear as day. It wasn't from the TV.

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Haunted Theater

"When visiting my sister's college, she sent me into the theater to get some stuff for her. It was after dark and the building was locked, but she lent me her keys. Now, she'd told me that the place had a reputation for being haunted, but being the skeptic I am, I took the keys and hustled off without a second thought. 

"I let myself in, headed to the closet she said her stuff was in, and someone walked up behind me. No kidding, I could hear the footsteps, feel the floorboards move and hear them creak. Heck, I could even hear the rustle of fabric moving. And there was just that indefinable sense of there being someone else there; you know, how you can tell when someone's walked into a room even if you didn't really see or hear them? Yeah, well, I turned around fully expecting to have to explain why I was in a locked building after hours.....and there was no one there. After I shat myself, I started singing at the top of my lungs (to mask the now ominous silence), grabbed my sister's stuff and bolted out of the building.  

My sister apologized for days. And I never went into that building alone again, day or night.

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