People Who've Lived In Haunted Houses Reveal Their Creepiest Experiences

Have you ever heard scratching in your walls? Or maybe an open door you swore you closed? Perhaps your basement is a little eerie?

These haunted house stories from Redditors will show you what living in a real haunted house is like; from friendly, happy ghosts to horrifying and unexplained happenings.

Some of these hauntings went away with a blessing or sage, but others were so intense that the poor victims were forced to move out.

  • A Mother And Children Haunt An Apartment Above A Bar

    From a former Redditor:

    I worked in a building in my local town that was claimed to be haunted but I didn't believe it. The downstairs was a wine bar cafe and the upstairs was an apartment. I worked there for almost three years in high school. I would hear the kids playing upstairs all the time. I'd hear the floor squeak above me. I could here water running in the shower. I'd hear voices up there and even singing... lots of singing.

    One day I was talking to my boss (the owner of the building) about how loud the people upstairs were being during a private party so that she could handle the problem. She then tells me no one has lived up there since "the accident." There are no water lines upstairs and it's old dusty storage. She called the police thinking there may be squatters but there were no signs of life and undisturbed dust on everything. The place hadn't even been entered since she bought the place 10 years earlier.

    My coworkers confirmed my story when the boss interviewed them about it. The accident.. a mom hit her head in the shower and died. Her two small children starved to death with no one there to take care of them. Story was confirmed by locals.

  • An Abuse Victim Haunts Their Former Home

    From Redditor /u/chrisyroid:

    My parent's house is haunted.

    The family who lived there before us were super crazy people...

    While doing repairs on the house we found notes in the walls. One of them said: "He hit me and that's okay." One day the husband just up and leaves, then kids leave and the wife passes alone in the house... in my room. We found out when we replaced my carpet. A six foot long by two foot wide piece of flooring was removed and replaced. I never knew what had happened to her until just recently.

    The things I've experienced were whispering noises in the corners of the walls, cold hands touching my shoulders, things being knocked down off the walls, and feeling like there's somebody standing next to me or peering over my shoulder.

    I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

  • She Felt A Cold Hand Down Her Back

    From Redditor /u/tornadotwister: 

    Purchased this small house to try to appease my boyfriend of the time. Was always uncomfortable living there. After 2 years I asked him to move out as our relationship was going nowhere pretty fast. After he moved out I started getting the creeps.

    The cabinets in the kitchen were home-made, and not done that great, and under the staining on the cabinet doors sometimes I could see some sort of writing that looked like it was done with a can of spray paint. Other times I could not see it at all. I stopped sleeping in the bedroom because at night I would wake up and see some sort of dark shape in the short hallway leading from the bedroom to the bathroom. It would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. One night I woke up because I heard some sort of noise that sounded like someone tapping on something metallic. Then I felt a coldness on the back of my neck that slowly extended into my scalp and down my spine.

    That really was scary, and I just prayed and prayed, and finally the cold hand slowly went away. After that I started sleeping in the area next to the kitchen, in front of the stand-alone heater and felt a bit safer. I replaced the cabinets, and that made things better... I was happy to move out.

  • A Murder/Suicide House Caused Extreme Night Terrors

    From Redditor /u/Shootinbunnies:

    I lived in a house with a murder/suicide for awhile going through college. The house was eerie to begin with, but the blood stain locked into the wood floor was really “a nice addition” to the ambiance.

    Anyway, I had an ex-girlfriend who would dream of horrifying things there. As in, yelling, breathing, sweating and feeling the dreams happen.

    She one time dreamed of a man coming right up the stairs and stabbing her repeatedly in the stomach, I was next to her when I was watching her and couldn’t wake her up for a good 10 minutes and I was very much shaking her.

    Nothing in this era of my life was okay.

    Her dreams went back to normal once we moved out.

  • Some Ghosts Only Use The Kitchen At Night

    From Redditor /u/Jockobutters:

    It's not really scary - but I moved into this old apartment building when I was just out of college. Just a one-bedroom, wood floors, paint peeling off the walls, old fixtures, with a long hallway leading to the kitchen and sitting room from the bedroom. The first night, I'm lying in bed and hear what I think must be the cabinets opening and closing. I hear the silverware/glassware clink together. I should also mention this apartment is in a somewhat sketchy area, so I bolt out of bed and rush into the kitchen, flick on the lights, and find nothing.

    Except one of the cabinets, that I knew I closed earlier, open wide. From then on, at night, there was often the sound of someone moving around the kitchen, opening and closing drawers, almost as if they were confused and bumping into things in the dark. This would happen about once or twice a week, and over time I got used to it. One night, I was fast asleep, and the noises woke me up: a loud bang, and then someone opening a drawer slowly, and then footsteps creaking on the floorboards in the kitchen, like they were going around and around in circles.

    Lying in bed, I said loudly, "I don't mind if you're here, but I'm trying to get some sleep. Could you please keep it down at night?" The footsteps stopped immediately - and I never heard the sounds again.

  • This Spirit Had Serious Issues With A New Mother And Child

    From Redditor /u/TheLieOfLove:

    I have a few stories but these 3 bothered me the most. One night, before I wash dishes, I place my newborn in the center of my bed and make sure there is nothing around her. She can’t move and is swaddled. I step out of the room into the kitchen that is right outside the bedroom to get started. After about 5 minutes I decide to go check on her. I walk into the room and she has a burp cloth on her face.

    There was no way for her to have accidentally grabbed onto the cloth as she was still swaddled and couldn't move. One night in the same bedroom, I'm lying down with my newborn and I close my eyes. I didn't fall asleep I was just relaxing a little. Then, all of a sudden I feel a slap across my face. I felt the shape of hand specifically. I lived with my mom and i told her what happened. She told me she had felt the same thing as well but she doesn't like bringing attention to things like that so she ignored it and didn't say anything.

    And lastly, one night I am in the same room waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the shower. It’s just the 2 of us home and there's nothing on. I’m lying on my bed, reading a book when all of a sudden I hear a giggle right outside my door. I thought it was my boyfriend so I step into the kitchen and it’s empty. I check the next room which also leads to the bathroom and it’s empty. So I knock on the bathroom door step inside to see my boyfriend shampooing. I ask him if he is messing with me and if he heard anything. He denies both so at that point I start to freak out.

    I’m scared so I sit in the room right outside the bathroom and wait for him to finish but I hear the giggle again from the kitchen, which is the next room over. So I know at that point it’s definitely not him and I run into the bathroom till he is done with his shower. It was really hard to live there.