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12 Characters From Ancient Mythology That Might Have Actually Existed In History

Did you ever wonder if the great stories of ancient mythology, tales of the men behind the Egyptian pyramids and the rulers of the fabled cities of ancient Anatolia, were real? Well, if that's the case, then you're in luck - there are indeed some notable true stories behind myths. For example, the Great Pyramid was partially built by the architect Imhotep, who was then turned into a god. Started from the bottom of the pyramid, now we here!

What are some other myths based on real people? Archaeological evidence hints tantalizingly that there may have been real royals at Troy named Priam and Paris - the ruler of the city and his son, who famously kidnapped the beautiful Helen in the Iliad. Also in Anatolia, there was King Croesus, a real-life ruler who passed into legend as the super-rich monarch who screwed up an oracle's interpretation (more on that later).  

Whatever kind of tales you favor, we've got real people from mythology behind some of the most spectacular stories from antiquity.