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Disturbing Stories From Real-Life Hitmen

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Hiring a hitman might not be an easy task - given how rumors of assassins for hire on the deep web are mostly unfounded. But if the comments from a pair of Reddit users are to be believed, paid killers are indeed out there.

Taking to Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" section, the two supposed contract killers divulged numerous details about the illicit trade. These confessions of hitmen are shocking not so much for their content, but for their honesty.

But are these real hitmen stories, or simply well-executed fictions? You be the judge of that. 

  • What Type Of Person Becomes A Hitman?

    Redditor /u/Opheltes asked:

    How many people did you kill?

    How old are you now?

    When you were a hitman, did your family know? Do they know now?

    What personality traits makes someone a good hitman? What about a bad one?

    You said elsewhere that "we" put a lot of effort into planning. Does that mean you worked with other people? How did you get alone with them?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    I stopped counting when I was 18. I can't remember that exact number, maybe 12-22, maybe more. 

    I am 32 now.

    No, they did not know what I did, but they knew who I worked for. I think some members of my family found out later. I come from a small place. Word gets around.

    What traits does it take? Patience and understanding. Being hot-headed is a bad thing.

    Yes, you always need to work with other people. We formed teams and it was treated almost like a special group. You knew people and their families, but kept everything loose. Presents for the kids, knowing you may kill them one day.

  • Never Make It Personal

    Redditor /u/briteyednbushytailed asked:

    Have you only ever killed people for the cartel? Or have there been some personal kills too?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    I never killed anyone for my benefit, it was always work. You could fight with me and I would only do what I needed to defend myself...

    Now if the bastard had a gun, I would run and come for him later.

  • An Ex-Cartel Killer Might Come Back, If The Price Was Right

    Redditor /u/CVTHIZZKID asked:

    Do you work a legal job now, or do you still work for the cartel?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    Yes, I have a legal job now. I run machinery at an olive oil plant/farm. I don't work for them, but if they contact me, I would perhaps take the job if it paid enough... $5-8k plus 1 kilo of weed.

  • Killing Gets Easier With Time

    Redditor /u/Romandi asked:

    What did you feel when [you] killed a man for the first time? Did you kill women or children? Which weapon did you use?

    Redditor /u/Elchinola replied:

    The first time I felt like throwing up, it was the strangest feeling in the world. It is like understanding in the world you are nothing and that is all. In a moment you are here and the other you are not. Your problems go away. I remember that night sweating, thinking everyone knew I did it. It slowly fades in memory and you forget.

    I used all kinds of weapons. My first time was with a rusted revolver type pistol. I don't remember much other than being told I had 3 bullets and that was it.

    No children. We tried to avoid that. Has it happened? Yes, but that is life. Only those who deserved it were killed. A sapo is a sapo regardless of gender. (*Sapo is slang for frog, which can be used for people who assist police.)