Graveyard Shift

This Amazing 'Real-Life Addams Family' Is The Definition Of Macabre Kinship Goals

What would it be like if every day were Halloween? For one New Jersey family, such a lifestyle is their chosen reality. Rick Schreck, his wife Kate, and their three children - Winter, Samara, and Kyle - are referred to as the "Real-Life Addams Family" due to their love of all things creepy. This family is every goth homebody's dream. They live in a haunted house, drive a hearse, collect kooky oddities, and wholeheartedly embrace all things spooky. This New Jersey Addams Family is #lifegoals for those who claim their favorite color is black and Gomez and Morticia are a dream couple.

If you think your family is strange, here's all the delightfully dreary facts surrounding this intriguing family.