22 Actual Angry Birds That Are Outraged By Your Existence

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Though you may be a fan of Angry Birds, one of the best phone app games, consider yourself forewarned that the real-life angry birds you'll find here do not play. These guys are miffed and they're not shy to tell you about it. So be prepared to get a load of funny bird pictures of little feathered guys who may or may not reach through the screen and smack you for laughing at their tiny fury.  

You'll find a great diversity of birds, from weirdly mundane birds to the most interesting birds on earth. There will be birds who are cute when angry, birds who may or may not be preparing to carry out bird mafia hits, and birds who will more than likely go on to haunt your dreams well into the future. So with that said, get ready to find out just how much fury hides beneath the feathers of this group of birds who really need some bread crumbs and a hug. Vote up the most furious-looking birds that you'd never throw (let alone grab) into a bunch of round, green pigs.