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15 Real Life Soldiers That Put Captain America To Shame

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Captain America is an American icon. He’s punched out Hitler and led our boys to victory an uncountable amount of times. Unfortunately, Cap’s not real, but the bad guys are. Whatever your take on the current political climate and our war all the time mentality, you have to give thanks to the men and women fighting for us overseas. This list is dedicated to the soldiers who dig into their own personal Captain America and defend old glory the best they can. Usually their best involves some rocket launcher and at least one exploding vehicle.

The soldiers on this list weren’t injected with a super serum, and they weren’t aided by a shadowy government agency run by a guy with a very fashionable eye patch. The only things they had to help them were their natural abilities, instincts, and we’re guessing a whole lot of anger. Throughout this list you’ll see a reoccurring theme: one man standing up against many to fight for something that he believes in. If that’s the description of every Captain America storyline, we don’t know what is. From soldiers who took down an entire platoon with just a shovel to a Navy SEAL who almost froze to death to save a comrade who was stuck behind enemy lines, this list of real-life Captain Americas will inspire you to give thanks to our forces serving overseas.

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