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The Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks

From zombies and werewolves, and even vampires, here are news stories of real-life attacks by people (or creatures?) purporting to be real-life monsters. While there are reasonable explanations for many of these stories, it's not so difficult to speculate that some of these might have genuine supernatural origins. Others, however, demonstrate how disturbed minds can distort reality, causing them to inflict harm on others. 

What are some cases of real monsters being found? This list of real life monster attacks highlights what some might be going on in the dark corners of the earth.

  • A Vampire Causes A Car Accident

    Video: YouTube

    According to a Colorado woman, she was forced off the road while driving home after she saw a vampire standing in the middle of road. When the police arrived on the scene the offending Nosferatu had vanished. The police do not suspect that any alcohol or drugs were involved, though there was evidence that the woman was not on her prescribed medication.

    One small boy interviewed by the local news said "I don't believe she saw a vampire," while a local teenage girl added, "That would be cool though. I hope that's the case."

    Perhaps the woman's reality was distorted due to a lack of medication, but even still, what did she see that terrifying night?

  • A Self-Proclaimed Vampire Mauls An Elderly Man

    Milton Ellis is an older, wheelchair bound, gentleman living in St. Petersburg, Florida. One evening in 2011 he encountered 22-year-old Josephine Smith on the streets while going home. The two started talking and seemed to hit it off, so when it started pouring they took shelter together on the porch of a vacant Hooters.

    Ellis fell asleep while waiting for the rain to stop. He awoke to find Smith on his lap. When he asked what she was doing, she replied, "I'm a vampire. I am going to eat you." She then proceeded to bite him in various places, including his arm and lips, and broke enough skin that he was left bloody.

    Ellis struggled and eventually escaped, made it to a phone and called the police. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated with stitches.

    The police found Smith when they arrived at the scene. She was half-naked and covered in blood. According to her, she had no memory of the events. She was arrested and was held on bail for $50,000.

    Smith appeared in the news again in 2015, when she "babbled" to authorites about vampirism following her arrest for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend with a pair of scissors.

  • Werewolves Of Texas

    Video: YouTube

    A photo surfaced on the internet of a bloody hand holding a decapitated dog's head. It was traced to Sarah "Wolfie Blackheart" Rodriguez, a local "teen wolf" in the San Antonio area, and the "alpha" of a pack. When confronted about the picture she insisted that a friend found the dead dog and brought it to her, given that she counted taxidermy among her hobbies. Forensic analysis of the deceased dog confirmed her story to be true.

    According to Rodriguez, she would never hurt another dog. "I would never kill a canine. I am a canine."

    The kids were not "evil," but, as one pack member states in the above video, they were 'trying to live [their] daily lives."

  • 19 Year Old 500 Year Old Vampire Feeds on Texas Woman

    A woman was in her apartment when she heard a noise, and investigated. She was then hit in the head by alleged "vampire" Lyle Bensley, who forced her against the wall and bit her on the neck. She managed to escape and drove to a friend's house where she called the police.

    When they arrived at her apartment, they discovered Bensley in the parking lot completely unclothed except for his boxers, snarling and hissing. He led them on a chase, including scaling two fences, before they caught him.

    While taking him to jail, Bensley told them that he was a 500 year-old vampire and needed to feed. He also insisted that he didn't want to hurt anyone and wanted to be restrained while trying to bite the guards.

    The woman only suffered very minor injuries. Police Captain Jeff Heyse said, "I've dealt with some really strange people. You know, guys who think they're Jesus and that. But I've never seen anything like this."