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Beautiful Old Photos Of Life In The Real Wild West

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In the late 1800s, the prospects in the western part of the United States drew thousands of new residents yearly, seeking to stake their claim on unexplored, undeveloped territories. Over a century ago, however, moving wasn't as easy as calling up for a U-Haul and putting down a deposit on a new apartment. Along the way to Utah, Colorado, California and the like were bandits, giant swatches of nothingness, and natives of the land not eager to give way to new settlers. As these real photos of the Old West will show, there was a different way of living in this unexplored land.

Pictures of the Wild West include the only known photo of Billy the Kid, bluffs and rocks in the uncharted territories, parks, settlements, and even some photos of Buffalo Bill's Wild Circus. There's no denying, after seeing this Wild West photos, that the real America of the 1800s was nothing like the best Western movies.

Where can I find pictures of the Wild West? What was life like in the Old West? What did the United States look like in the 19th century? These early America photos will shed some light on questions about life in the Wild West. Make sure to vote up the best pictures of frontier America and if you want to know more about the Wild West, check out the best Western writers for another take on Old West life, as well as our roundup of informative Wild West documentaries.