Insane Scenes In Movies That Are Actually Scientifically Possible

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Unfortunately, it actually is impossible to build an Iron Man suit, but that doesn't mean there's no real science in movies. While the science of movies is often inaccurate (even in science-fiction films), Hollywood occasionally gets a few things right. Disaster movies are perhaps the biggest culprits when it comes time to shirk science, but even they've been known to impress a scientist now and again. 

Some movie plots are so outlandish that they just have to be based on reality. Despite what logic might lead you to believe, it's totally possible to split an arrow with another arrow, and there's a slim chance that you might wake up to a sea of sharks raining from the sky. 

Once one considers all the things that can happen in real life from movies, one has to wonder whether films like Iron Man are also a few years away from actually occurring.