True Stories 22 People Who Were Real Life Time Travelers  

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No matter if you’re the geekiest sci-fi nerd, or the coolest guy on campus, the possibility of time travel is so appealing that whenever the topic is broached people automatically begin to wonder what they’d change about their lives. Believe it or not, real life time travelers exist (or at least they think they do), but they rarely have control over what they can change, or who they get to meet. Most of the chrononauts (a term that is very real and not made up at all) you’ll be learning about below are nothing more than pawns in one of the government’s many time travel programs operating secretly underground. The ones who aren’t are too busy defending themselves to the science community to reveal why they’ve really begun trekking across time and space. Take a look at these very real time travel incidents and pack a bag, you never know when the future’s coming.

Real time travel comes in many forms. Some of the folks on this list have experienced what’s known as a “time slip,” where you accidentally enter another time for a brief moment, while others have come back to visit us for a particular reason. Maybe they had to pick up an IBM 5100, or they just wanted to warn us of the dangers of a Trump presidency. Whatever their reasons, they’re all very real and not crazy or made up in any way. So let’s venture onward into the unknown with these people who were real life time travelers.

John Titor

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The mystery of John Titor began around 2000 when the alleged time traveler started posting about his travels on a few different message boards (specifically, the board for Art Bell of Coast to Coast AM fame). Titor claimed to be an American soldier from 2036 sent back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100. He alleged to be stopping in the year 2000 for personal reasons, and so he could pick up some family heirlooms that would be lost in the (future) civil war. The most interesting part of the Titor story is that by 2036 web developing will regress to the halcyon days of Angelfire website templates.

An Unspecified Man in Florida

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Towards the end of 2015, a time traveler showed up in Florida when he tried to drive a Dodge Charger through a wall in order to "enter a time portal." Looks like this guy forgot the first rule of time machines: Don't Buy American.
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This cosmonaut's time travel tale may not involve meeting President Obama on Mars or surfing through the galaxy with the Pleiadians, but it's actually really cool. Due to his 747 days spent in space, Avdeyev went approximately 27,360 km/h, aging roughly 20 milliseconds less than all of us chumps down here on planet Earth. This makes him 0.02 seconds younger than he would have been had he never traveled through space. see more on Sergei Avdeyev

The Old Woman in "The Circus"

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Back in 2010, an Irish filmmaker named George Clark was watching a Charlie Chaplin film called The Circus and noticed something weird: an old woman talking into a phone. It's entirely possible that the old woman isn't a time traveler calling her friends back in 2045 and telling them all about how she's photobombing Charlie Chaplin, but if that's not what's happen then what is?!