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Unicorn-Like Animals Existed 29,000 Years Ago And They Were Pretty Scary

Maybe My Little Pony and Lisa Frank were onto something all along, because it turns out unicorns were real. They just don't quite look how you thought. The recent discovery of a prehistoric species of rhinoceros could've started unicorn mythology, but human imagination helped turn the creature into a magical horse.

Stories of real unicorns go back to the early ages and they have since become a beloved fantasy creature in many cultures. Seen as cutesy, romantic, and the best friend of little girls everywhere, the unicorns have evolved from a symbol of purity during the Middle Ages to a magical being used to sell products to ethereal people. The Starbucks secret menu features a pink and purple Unicorn Frappuccino that has the ability to change colors. Unicorns also helped inspire the shimmering rainbow hair coloring many celebrities wear.

Real-life unicorns actually existed, and here's a look at how their image went from hairy rhinoceros cousins to a majestic creature galloping amid rainbows.