People Share Their Real Life 'When You See It' Moments

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If you used to love leafing through Where's Waldo? books for hours, then you know there's nothing better than a good "when you see it" image. If you love looking for subtle oddities, you should challenge yourself to locate all of the strange, cute, and creepy antics going on in these seemingly normal "when you see it" photos from Reddit. And if you're really brave, challenge yourself to search the photos without looking for an external explanation.

It’s as entertaining as it is challenging to find the hidden sights in these sometimes funny "when you see it" photos, so get looking and leave no stone unturned.

Most divisive: The Creepiest Room

  • 1. Check Your Reflection

    Check Your Reflection
    Photo: u/esteban_agpa /
    19,042 votes
  • 2. Don't Break The Ice

    Don't Break The Ice
    Photo: u/Boeruhhh / Reddit
    19,677 votes
  • 3. Someone Call Samuel L. Jackson

    Someone Call Samuel L. Jackson
    Photo: u/duncan_D_sorderly / Reddit
    14,793 votes
  • 4. Anyone Seen Billy?

    Anyone Seen Billy?
    Photo: /u/agaconn / Reddit
    14,901 votes
  • 5. Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up
    Photo: u/spudVision /
    17,091 votes
  • 6. Always Check Your Photos

    Always Check Your Photos
    Photo: /u/Idk_gamer_yt / Reddit
    12,244 votes