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This Fan Just Figured Out The REAL Meaning Behind "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Updated 6 Nov 2017 16.6k views10 items

WARNING: This list contains SPOILERS.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is in the books, and fans are left with just as many questions as answers. In fact, a number of mysteries remain from the earliest episodes of the series. For starters, what is the meaning behind the name A Song of Ice and Fire. Also, who the heck is the Prince That Was Promised? While answers will no doubt be coming in the final season of the show, there has been plenty of evidence and foreshadowing already that allows fans to speculate and theorize about the many possibilities.

Due to the layered style of world-building employed by author George R. R. Martin, it’s likely that the answers to multiple in-universe mysteries will be tied together or related in some way. A brand new fan theory purports to provide a singular answer for some of the series’ most important and central questions, including the motivations of the White Walkers, the truth behind certain prophecies, and the overall importance of Jon Snow.

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