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13 Historical Figures And True Stories That Directly Inspired Dracula

In the world of entertainment, the creatures known as vampires have transformed from frightening, monstrous beasts to well-groomed, glittery hunks. However, could regarding vampires as solely fictitious creatures be somewhat inaccurate? Maybe so! The truth is, some historical people were well-known and feared for their real-life vampire tendencies, and among certain criminals, there has been a longstanding tendency to believe they were vampires. In fact, the Irish author, Bram Stoker was said to be inspired by many real-life sources for his novel Dracula. Some of these sources for Dracula included people who were basically like Dracula in real life. 

In 1897, Bram Stoker released his Gothic horror masterpiece Dracula. The tale followed the journey of Count Dracula, a vampire relocating from Transylvania to England, in search of new blood. While Stoker’s Dracula character has been the inspiration for many classic horror movies and subsequent vampire tales, he is certainly not the first vampire to strike fear into people’s minds or imaginations.  

Although it may be hard to believe that the inspiration for Dracula could be based on actual historical figures, there’s a slew of novels, places, and events that may have inspired the famed author. In fact, his son even stated that his father thought of Dracula after a nightmare he had from ingesting too much crab. Although his son’s statement is laughable, some inspirational occurrences are more morbid in nature. Still, whatever events and things Dracula is based on, the idea of a blood-sucking, immortal monster, fictitious or not, is freaking scary.