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20 People Share Stories Of Walking Away From Certain Death Without A Scratch

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The closest most people get to a near death experience is usually when they watch a movie. The protagonist somehow escapes a fall, an explosion, and a shower of bullets all unscathed. But as cinematic as these near death stories below sound, they're also quite real. There are real people out there who have their own near death stories, who escaped death by the skin of their teeth, not an easy thing to do. Thanks to their unbelievably good luck, these near death storytellers managed to not get killed unlike other people who thought they were on track to escape death but were tragically killed.

And this group of Reddit users came through all clear. Because while some near death experience stories leave you in the hospital, broken and bruised, wondering how you're still alive, these stories are of the people who made it away scot free - they didn't have a spot on them. Not that you should try recreating any of these scenes at home, instead just enjoy the stories of people who did the death-defying for you and managed to survive by the hood of their hoodie (seriously, it saved a dude's life). They may have brushed with death, but it certainly didn't leave a mark.

  • Just A Rustle

    From anonymous

    "I was walking along a pedestrian crossing with no cars around, I hear someone call my name, so I stop and look around for a second, and a red car came flying past me. The side-view mirror brushed past my shirt. Had to sit down for a minute and reflect on my life.

    I still wonder whether someone [called their name] or not. When I looked around I couldn't find anyone but hey, who knows" 

  • Right At My Stop

    From tulygonen

    "I live in Israel. 2004, I was on a bus as a young girl, coming back from school (here we don't really have school buses, we need to use the public ones). It was July, and it was crazy hot. I look around and I see a suspicious looking man, with a long beard, and a big rain coat, holding his stomach. When you live in this kind of environment, you develop this weird intuition. I called my mom and told her about what's going on. She immediately felt protective of her little girl and demanded I'd get off the bus, so I did - a few stops before the one I was supposed to get off at.

    I got home and sort of forgot about the whole occasion. Later that day, the news was blasting from the TV and I noticed there was a suicide bomber on the same bus I rode, and he exploded at the same stop I was supposed to get off at." 

  • Almost Lost Forever At The Seaside

    From Bhikkux

    "I nearly fell off an exposed stairwell in the south China sea, in the middle of the night, during a storm. No way in hell the lookouts would have spotted me." 

  • Sticky Hands And A Close Call

    From pdolts1010

    "This happened last year. My coworkers and I were giving some visitors a tour in a very crowded place in our city that night. My hands were all sticky due to melted ice cream so I told them to go ahead and I'll just catch up later. Just as I was about to buy hand sanitizer from a nearby stall, a bomb exploded just a few feet away from me which instantly killed 13 people.

    As in literally a few feet away from me. The voice of the woman who saw her dead brother still haunts me to this very day."