Graveyard Shift

16 Creepy Pictures That Might Contain Shadow People

One of the creepiest paranormal entities to appear in mythologies across the globe is the shadow person, a thing that exists only in the corner of your eye, hiding in plain sight. Are shadow people real? There are have been more sightings of shadow people than any other kind of spooky figure, and research has shown that people with sleep paralysis do experience something when they try to sleep at night. But are shadow people real or figments of one's imagination? The shadow people photos on this list offer a glimpse into what may be dimensional bleedthrough, or simply a terrifying group of specters that haunt the night, waiting for you to close your eyes.

On the one hand it’s easy to dismiss shadowy figures as a trick of the light, but many of the pictures you’re about to see feature ominous inky figures in positions that don’t make sense in the physics of the real world. It’s possible that these may be creatures from another realm stopping in to say hello, but what do they want? If you weren’t already scared of what’s waiting for you in the dark, you will be by the time you’re finished investigating these shadow people photos.