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Pictures That Might Just Contain Real Vampires

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Vampires easily rank amongst the coolest supernatural creatures that stalk the earth at night (paling only in comparison to sheet ghosts and Frankenstein monsters), but capturing proof of vampires in real life gets tough. Not only do they tend to have tricky reflections but they usually only come out at night when you’re catching 'Zs and the lighting is poor. Modern-day vampires no longer strictly adhere to the rules set forth by their forbearers, and late-night camera technology evolves rapidly; therefore, it’s a little easier to snag photos of real vamps in their element. Vampires captured the imaginations of everyone with a goth heart, and now it’s time to capture them. Keep reading to check out some rock solid vampire evidence.

If you’re a bloodsucker, you must be lamenting the advent of mirror-less cameras. Not only do they drain battery life, but they don’t rely on reflections to capture an image, which makes getting vampire photos as simple as driving a stake through the heart. The vampire proof below comes courtesy of closed circuit televisions, cameras that were found at crime scenes, and eagle-eyed photographers who felt something was amiss. If you’ve ever had a run-in with the paranormal, these photos of real-life vampires will likely feel familiar to you, and if you suspect you might be a creature of the night, maybe you’ll get some fun ideas. 

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    Did Anyone Notice That This Guy's Missing A Reflection?

    Photo: YouTube
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    Someone Jammed A Stake Through This Bulgarian Vampire Skeleton

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    Mike Pence's Daughter, Vampire Or Nah?

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    Taken From Some Incredibly Bloody Cellphone Footage Out Of Texas

    Photo: YouTube
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