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10 Videos From Ouija Board Sessions Gone Horribly Wrong

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If you’ve ever played around with a Ouija board or the DIY Charlie Charlie game, then you’ve felt the dark energy that radiates from the simple plank and planchette. But even if you’ve never been a party to any unfortunate Ouija board possessions, you’ve definitely heard stories of people opening up their homes to demons and ghosts via spirit board. These real Ouija board videos provide some possible proof to the allegations that you can turn your home into a haunted house with one spin around the Oujia board. The scary Ouija board videos you’re about to watch showcase a variety of issues that come up when communicating with the dead: possession, electrical issues, paranormal assault, and fire. If you’re gearing up for your first Ouija session and you’re looking for what not to do, then you’ll want to take notes while watching these videos of people using Ouija boards.

Some of the people making real Ouija board recordings in this collection managed to not only record their correspondence with the dead, but also managed to snag some spooky EVPs while they were at it, putting the world one step closer to realizing something exists beyond the mortal realm. All of these recordings of people using Ouija boards can really give you the creeps if you want them to, so turn down your lights, turn up your speakers, and for goodness sakes stop letting malevolent ghosts into your home with Ouija boards.

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    These Girls Were Just Trying To Have A Fun Sleep Over

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    Teenage Ouija Enthusiasts Learn The Hard Way No To Mess With The Spirit World

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    Local Witch Makes Contact With A Demon That Wrecks Her House

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    Friends Use A Home Made Board For Spooky Results

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