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13 Real Things Straight Out Of Horror Movies

If nightmares came to life, they might look a lot like these real-life things straight out of horror movies.

Art imitates life, and the sheer volume of terrifying movies out there suggests Earth is far scarier than scary movies. The more you delve into human history, the more stories you uncover plenty of stories that would work well on American Horror Story. Real-life scares, unlike fictional fears, force you to face reality, all the sharp, spooky, and sinister sides of it. Killers and psychopaths reveal depths of human depravity worse than any jump scare, and enough actual monsters exist in the world to fill up a Guillermo del Toro film. Life is beautiful, but it is also extremely frightening.

The horrors below highlight some of the freakiest facts about planet Earth and her inhabitants. After reading them, you may ever feel like leaving your home again, but as the facts below show, even your home is susceptible to real-life horror.

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    Krokodil, The Heroin Alternative That Eats Your Flesh

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    Most drugs do terrible things to the human body, but desomorphine, aka, krokodil, might be the most damaging. The drug, a mixture of red phosphorus, kerosene, and other dangerous chemicals, gives the user the same feeling as injecting heroin for much cheaper. However, krokodil comes with a terrible side-effect worse than blackened lungs or ruined livers: it eats away at your flesh. Potent and inexpensive to produce, krokodil swept through Siberia and into the rest of Russia. A great way to resist the temptation to try krokodil simply involves putting the world into Google image search, but don't do it unless you have a strong stomach.

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    Japan's Suicide Forest

    Photo: Guilhem Vellut / Wikimedia Commons

    The Aokigahara Forest, a beautifully lush, green ocean of leaves at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, also the site of the most suicides in the world. Every year, dozens bodies turn up in the woods, most of them hanging from trees. It happens so frequently the Japanese government posts signs throughout the forest telling people, in short, "Don't do it."

    Also known as the "Sea of Trees," Aokigahara rests atop an area rich in volcanic activity, a quality that softens the earth and contributes to the natural silence of the area. A famous novel where a couple commits ritual suicide in the forest solidified its somber reputation by the '60s, though many say suicides occurred there long before then.

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    The Island Of Malformed Dolls In Mexico City

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    La Isla De La Munecas, or "Island of the Dolls," lies in a canal to the south of Mexico City. Though no one lives on the island, it has plenty of residents: hundreds of dolls hanging from the trees. Each doll supposedly appeases the spirits of the dead, robbing them entirely of any association with the word "toy." The former caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana, said he started stringing up the dolls decades ago after finding a young girl drowned in the river. Though his family said no little girl ever existed, Santana himself turned up lying facedown in the river in 2001. 

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    96% Of The Ocean Remains Uncharted

    Photo: Sylke Rohrlach / Wikimedia Commons

    Though the world's oceans comprise 70% of the earth's surface, scientists only know about 5% of everything in them. Another way to interpret this data: more than two-thirds of the Earth is uncharted territory for humans. You spent all this time worrying about incoming aliens when a hostile Atlantis or kaiju could just as easily rise from the depths of the Mariana Trench. What's that sound, you ask? Oh, nothing, just one of the many booming, unexplained noises the ocean just makes.

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