Graveyard Shift 15 Real Things That Are Straight Out Of Horror Movies  

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This is a list of scary things that will give you nightmares. Scary things are all around us in our everyday lives. Sure, some of those things are more apparent than others. Some of them we don’t even think about, even though they’re happening at every moment of the day.

Global warming, war, natural disasters, death, roaming packs of wild dogs in residential neighborhoods. It’s more common than you think. But sometimes things in our world happen that are so bizarre, so unbelievable, so utterly terrifying, that we collectively shake our heads "no," close our eyes, and wish for it to disappear back into the shadow plane where it came from.

Majority of the stories and events on this list are from the past decade or so. Some are older than others but needed to be included to prove we live in a horrifying reality that has portals to monster realms opening up daily.

Here are 15 things that really exist that should only be allowed to happen in nightmares. Vote up the nightmare you find scariest.


96% of the Oceans are Still Unknown

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Let the picture of the angler fish comfort you. You'll need a hug if the fact that we've discovered less than 5% of the ocean scares your brain. It's a different kind of scary. Not the in-your-face kind of scary... more of the unknown kind of scary.

Less than 5%. That means there's 96% of unknown still left out there. Maybe there's nothing. Maybe there's Kaiju waiting deep below for us to wake it.
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