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The Good and The Bad: Serial Killers Vs. The Actors That Play Them In Movies

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Serial killers, thank god, are not like most people in many ways, and the media would have you believe they don't look like anybody either. In many a serial killer biopic, the actors who play these killers rarely resemble them, a testament to the difficulty behind the casting process. Such casting requires actors who can embody someone who's more monster than human, yet also capture their ease at disguising their dark passions. Meanwhile, the actors themselves are presented with their own obstacles: what emotions do you draw from as an actor when your subject likely has none? In the end, murderers are made, albeit ones who look nothing like any actual killers.

Whether you’re working on your own serial killer biopic and you want to know what mistakes to avoid, or if you’re just interested in seeing some bootleg Jeffrey Dahmers, keep reading and vote up the actors who looked the most like the serial killers they portrayed.