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Real Steel Quotes

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'Real Steel' quotes include some of the best lines from the 2011 sci-fi/action movie starring Hugh Jackman and...boxing robots! The movie 'Real Steel' definitely includes some great quotes, including commentary by Charlie, the lead character, on the state of boxing ('times have changed') and his struggle to find a way to stay relevant, now that robots are the stars of the ring. Enjoy these 'Real Steel' movie quotes, vote for your favorites too - and if you see a quote that's missing? Add it to the list!

If you're not familiar with the concept of 'Real Steel,' here's the rub: It's 2020, and robots have replaced humans in the boxing world. Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a former world-class boxer who is struggling to get by now. Charlie's 11-year-old son, Max, decides to help him build and train a robot that can compete with the best, based on Charlie's knowledge of boxing moves. Oh, and also? 'Reel Steel' is based on a 1956 short story by Richard Matheson called 'Steel.' Several of Matheson's stories have become major movies, including 'I Am Legend' and 'What Dreams May Come.'

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    Bad Bet

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    Charlie: "I just need a little loan."
    Finn: "As much as I like you dude, you're a bad bet brother."

    Hopefully Charlie can find a way to turn things around and make a comeback - he sure can't get much lower.
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    Fighting Robot

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    Max: "What are we looking for?"
    Charlie Kenton: "Anything I can use to put a fighting bot together."

    Charlie finally decides to hit up a junkyard, to try and find enough parts to assemble his own fighting robot, but it's Max who makes the real discovery: Atom.
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    One Thing Right

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    Charlie: "I know I've done all kinds of wrong by this kid. I'd just like to do one thing right."

    While 'Real Steel' is definitely about boxing robots, it's also very much about a father's will to do right by his only son.
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    The Fight Game Changed

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    Max: "What was he like?"
    Bailey: "As a boxer? Charlie was the top contender, number two in the world. Then, the fight game changed."

    People have all but forgotten human boxing, and Charlie Kenton. Now he's just trying to "eek out a living" in the robot boxing world, and do right by his son, Max.
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