Times The Tabloids Broke Real Stories That Weren't Fake

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To some, tabloid magazines may be relegated to those moments of trashy fun had while waiting in line to checkout at the supermarket. However, there have been times tabloids broke real news stories. Yes, seriously. These publications may churn out outlandish stories but, from time to time, news that broke in the tabloids beat mainstream media to some pretty big punches. 

Of course, tabloid magazines are able to break stories much earlier because they aren’t mainstream media. Instead of having certain standards to uphold, these tabloid publications are able to run with stories, despite having less credible sources or very little evidence. On top of that, these tabloid publications aren’t above paying for tips, something mainstream media publications are staunchly against. 

Whatever the reason, there have been times The National Enquirer and other tabloid magazines broke major stories about sports players, political, and entertainment stars long before The New York Times. These magazines may not always get it right but when they do, it’s huge.