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The Real Story That 'A Few Good Men' Is Based On Is More Shocking And Violent Than The Actual Movie

The critically acclaimed 1992 film A Few Good Men tells the story of a Marine hazing gone awry, which leaves a man dead. Not many realize, however, that there is a true story behind A Few Good Men but in real life, a different man actually died. A hazing ritual at Guantanamo Bay conducted by US Marines, including PFC David Cox, left one man severely injured. While the victim ultimately survived, other aspects of the story are far more unsettling than its cinematic retelling.

In 1994, the real-life Cox and several others had a pending suit against Castle Rock Entertainment over what they believed to be defamation of truth and character through the film's portrayal of the hazing. When Cox disappeared, then turned up murdered months later, there was some suspicion his death was related to his vocal complaints about the film. While no one may ever know for sure what happened to David Cox, his legacy lives on as friends and family seek to honor his memory as a dedicated and ethical Marine.