Real-Life Instances of Actual Vampires

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Are vampires real? If you define them simply as creatures who drink the blood of other creatures, then real vampires do exist, and they are plentiful, both amongst humans and other animals in the wild.  

But what of other aspects of vampire lore, like the fact they are undead creatures, that they are immortal, that they have sharpened incisors, the ability to shape-shift, that they can beguile or otherwise hypnotize people into bending to their will, or the idea that they cast no reflection? While many of these characteristics are the stuff of fantasy, as you will see in these true stories of real-life vampires, many are all too real. Other instances on this list do not necessarily demonstrate real vampires, but are instead documented "cases" of vampirism in the history books.


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    This tiny, blood-hungry fish is among the most feared in the Amazon. Why? Because while its usual food source comes from entering the gills and mouths of other fish and eating them from the inside out, there have been reports of the candiru swimming up a man or woman's urethra and feasting on their sexual organs. Long considered an urban legend, this occurrence - while indeed rare - can in fact happen, as a 1997 case established.
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    While human attacks are especially rare (apparently, only when they are starving), lampreys are fish neither man nor woman would ever want to encounter. These animals use their jawless mouths full of razor-sharp teeth to latch onto prey and drain them of their blood as they swim.  

    In other words, lampreys are essentially the vampires of the sea.
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    Bizarre Cult Drinks Blood of Hit and Run Victims

    Bizarre Cult Drinks Blood of Hit and Run Victims
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    In a small village in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe, there occurred a rather bizarre incident in February 2013. Following a hit and run accident that killed four children, a group of people clad in black robes reportedly converged at the scene and feasted on the blood of the victims. Numerous people witnessed the group in action moments after the accident.  

    Believing the people to be involved in some kind of cult, possibly Satanist in origin, the villagers brought in a man named Banda, who was a tsikamutandaa, or witch-hunter, to sniff them out. Banda was successful, and after giving the cultists a chance to turn themselves in, he named their names before the village and turned them over to the police chief.  

    Following this, the home of the cult members was raided, which was said to contain baboons and other "weird animals" which had never before been seen by the villagers. No word on what, exactly, these animals were.
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    Peter Plogojowitz

    Peter Plogojowitz
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    Also known as Blagojevich, this man is one of the earliest examples of vampirism and the so-called vampire hysteria that plagued Europe in the 1730s. Moreover, Plogojowitz's story is credited as founding many of the most commonly recognized aspects of vampire folklore.  

    It seems likely that, through the passage of time, this tale has taken on elements of the fantastic, confounding the truth of the situation, but it is nonetheless an enjoyable and chilling tale. To summarize as concisely as possible, it is said that weeks after dying and being buried, Plogojowitz was seen walking around his village, looking healthy and decidedly not dead.  

    His wife even attests to having had a visit from her husband, requesting his shoes. Around this same time, several villagers began suffering a bizarre 24-hour illness and dying. All of them swore that Plogojowitz came to them in the middle of the night and throttled them in their beds. His son also reported seeing his father in their kitchen - then he too died under mysterious circumstances.  

    It was finally decided to exhume Plogojowitz's body. Upon doing so, the villagers discovered the man alive and breathing in his coffin. They immediately staked him through the heart and burnt his corpse, after which the nightly terrors and sudden deaths instantly stopped.