Real World Avengers Villains

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Vote up the real-life figures the Avengers should assemble to defeat

The Avengers are used to assembled to battle every major threat facing the Marvel Universe. What about our universe, though? Who would they fight here? Sure, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the gang don't really exist on our Earth, but what if they did? If these unstoppable mega-heroes were getting into super-slugfests in our world, who would you want them to face off against?

For the sake of this list, let's say that only these heroes are running around on (and above) the streets. No other fictional characters are on the table. Supervillains are off limits, so Earth's Mightiest Heroes must limit their avenging to actual real world figures, not Ultron, Loki, Baron Zemo,  or Thanos.

Imagine you're Nick Fury. Who would you call on Cap and company to battle? Would it be a Ponzi-scheming pharmo-bro, a former KGB operative and head of state, or a radical terrorist group? Or would you use their mighty power to advance a partisan political agenda in the US? Or maybe you'd want them to strike back at a celebrity that particularly annoys you. It's your call! Vote up your choices below.
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