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Incredibly Realistic Batman Beyond Fan Art That'll Make You Want A Live-Action Adaptation

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The only thing cooler than fan art of Batman Beyond is realistic Batman Beyond fan art. Yes, somehow these amazing artists have taken a futuristic Batman and made him look real. For those of you unfamiliar with Batman Beyond, it's the story of Terry McGinnis, a 16-year-old trouble-making Gothamite who is given a second chance by an old and bitter Bruce Wayne. It was an animated series developed by Batman legends Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.

With various reasons why Batman Beyond is the best version of Batman, it comes as no surprise that McGinnis's costume has inspired many artistic fans. The young Dark Knight is much slimmer than his predecessor (although, some of the artists gave him more of a traditional build) and wears a sleek, form-fitting suit often without a cape. Now that your mind's eye has an idea of what to expect, here is some of the best realistic fan art of Batman Beyond. Vote up the ones that look so real, you could touch them. 

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    Batman Stole Batfleck's Helmet

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    A hauntingly realistic art piece by Ali Qaiser.

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    Batman As A GQ Model

    A ripped Batman Beyond depiction by the talented alex-malveda

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    Cable Dressed As Batman Beyond For Halloween

    Andy Kuo masterfully adds a realistic feel to the Dark Knight. 

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    A Vigilant Batman

    jameszapata masterfully illustrates a weary Batman. 

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