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This Artist Creates Realistically Rendered Digimon That Are Truly Monsters

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The word "Digimon" fuses the two words "Digital" and "Monster," but the series portrays these "monsters" in an adorable and bubbly fashion, the exact opposite of a monster, right?  Thanks to the realistic Digimon created by Lindsey Wakefield AKA LindseyWArt, you will never forget these digital champions are actually scary beasts, even if they're from a cartoon-y, digital world. The same way 3D Pokémon renderings change the way fans view Pocket Monsters, scary Digimon fan art distorts the childhood characters you found so cuddly into something more... pragmatic, if you will. While anyone with eyes would find anime-Tsunomon so cute, it's horrifying 3D render might make you consider a simple cat instead. 

By creating fan art of Digimon that looks real, Lindsey Wakefield's 3D rendered Digimon gives them into the monstrous visages that they would sport if they lived in the real world. Through creativity and imagination, the artist sculpts a new vision of the anime and video game franchise, a vision that may completely shift how you view these beloved childhood characters. Similar to the realistic versions of classic cartoon characters, "real Digimon" fan art revises the way you see these creations, and makes you wonder why any of the Digi-destined would ever willingly follow these things around.