This Artist Creates Terrifying 3D Renders Of Pop Culture Characters

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Wil Hughes is an awesomely talented digital artist who has mastered the art of colorful realism. He has managed to take the fun and cartoony images of familiar pop culture characters and turn them into the purest form of nightmare fuel. Like realistic Disney fan art, the art of Wil Hughes yields creepy 3D renders of cartoons that proudly display a terrifying cast of portraits that will sink into your brain and haunt you for the rest of eternity. 

Wil Hughes's pop culture fan art takes the naturally bright and animated cartoon characters that the majority of nerds know and love and brings them to life in a way that nobody has ever wanted to see them. Similar to disturbing Disney fan art, Hughes's realistic fan art transforms cute, happy characters into truly terrifying images. Vote up the creepiest fan art that will revisit you in nightmares.