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19 Examples of South Park Characters Drawn Weirdly Realistically

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The two dimensional, cut-paper animation of South Park is instantly recognizable, and totally works with the characters and comedy of the show. The style is so familiar, it's easy to forget the characters are basically big heads with eyes and mouth holes. Have you ever stepped back from the world of the show and wondered "what if South Park  characters were real?" Or any cartoon character, for that matter? What would they look like? If you have, you're in luck, because there's a fair amount of fan art that makes South Park real, or at least depicts the characters in a realist aesthetic.   

These pieces of realistic South Park fan art give you what you may have forgotten the characters are missing, things like noses and proportional legs. South Park should never change, but this fan art somehow makes it real. Whether or not you'd ever want to meet a real-life Cartman is a totally different question, but if you've ever considered how Gustave Courbet or your favorite manga illustrator would depict the famous quartet of Colorado weirdos, wonder no more. 

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    If the Cast of South Park Were in The Polar Express

    This hyper-realistic drawing was done by IsaiahStephens.

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    Cartman Looks Appropriately Annoying Here

    This awesome painting-style work is by Deviant Art user akreon.

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    Vividly Realistic Cartman Cannot Be Unseen

    Based on a drawing shown in an actual episode of South Park, ChristG made this hilarious sketch.

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    Their Ages Are Perfect

    This dank drawing is by Deviant Art user Quirkilicious.

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