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People Who Have Showed Up On Reality TV Share Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

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Who among us doesn't like to indulge in a few guilty pleasure reality TV shows? Curling up with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and the most recent episode of The Bachelorette is one of the few indulgences in life that no one should be judged for partaking in. In fact, keeping up-to-date with the scandals on certain reality shows is actually a great way to communicate with your fellow man. Debating about which contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race actually deserves the lifetime supply of fancy makeup, the cash prize, and social media infamy brings co-workers, family members, and even strangers together.

Accordingly, many reality TV fans know that nothing on their favorite shows is completely real. How many times have the Kardashians or various Shark Tank contestants complained, noting that things have been taken out of context or that their words have been twisted? One tends to wonder, though, "Just how fabricated are these shows?" Reddit has discovered the answers. Users are telling all their behind-the-scenes secrets and you won't believe which of your binge shows are hiding big secrets.

  • Judges Don't Always Get The Final Say

    From Reddit user henfrigate:

    "Everything. Every single thing is fake. I was on a cake competition show. The judges recorded two takes for every comment, one positive and one negative so the editors could put it together however they wanted. They rolled the clock back an hour so everyone else could finish. We had over three months to plan our 'spontaneous' cake. Oh yeah, and while we won by the judges vote, a producer decided one of the other cakes would film better for the big reveal so we didn't win even though we should have."

  • Some Cast Members Quit Because They're Treated So Poorly

    From Reddit user Juanbond622:

    "I was on Restaurant Impossible a couple years ago. They say they have a $10,000 budget for the renovation, [but that] definitely does not mean they use it. The host, Robert Irvine, was only there for like an hour a day, of the three-day venture, just to get in the way and whine about things for the camera. They made up this whole story about how my boss would lose everything and cause so much stress on his marriage and family if the restaurant failed. They had us 'walk this direction with a sullen look' to show that we felt underappreciated as employees. We had four employees actually walk out because of some the comments Robert made.

    "We also did not get paid any extra for any of this. But, while all of that was annoying, I will say this. The food network did pay almost $4k for a very local construction crew to come in, which is awesome for local business/support, the food was very awesome, and I got to learn some insane techniques from world class chefs, at the very start of my career (I am a chef myself now). It was very neat and exciting thing for a small town, and definitely brought our community together. And while the business did still end up failing a year and a half later, my boss was totally fine because he bought out another restaurant and is now very successful elsewhere."

  • The Contestants On Hookup-Style Shows May Not Necessarily Need Clean STD Tests

    From Reddit user majorthrownaway:

    "In about 2005, NBC had to abandon its policy of requiring clean STD tests for Bachelor-type hookup show contestants because everybody who auditioned was infected with something.

    "I've won an Emmy producing reality TV and my ex wife was in BA at NBC at that time."

  • Some Contestants Use The Negative Publicity To Make A Killer Profit

    From Reddit user WednesdayBordem:

    "I was on an episode of Extreme Guide to Parenting. My mom is a hypnotherapist for a living and so they 'interviewed' my brothers and me about getting 'hypnotized' to do chores and get good grades. They had us say thing like, 'My mom [uses] neuro-linguistic programming to make us do things...'  I was 14 and I had to pretend that I had a crush on this boy and my mom taught me how to 'hypnotize him' to like me. All the parts with me in it were cut out, thank God, but my twin brothers got a decent amount of airtime. All of it was scripted. It was basically a publicity stunt on my mom's part to get more business. I don't blame her, it worked pretty effectively and we got a $5,000 check for letting them use our house to film.

    "To clarify, everything my mom said was true to a degree, and she has hypnotized me in the past, but hypnotherapy is not what everyone thinks it is. It is a way of gaining more self control, not less, and in no way is it someone controlling your mind... As for exploiting my brothers and me, it was really fun and I laughed a lot when I saw the final cut. I thought my family didn't seem so bad when compared to others that I saw in the same episode, but I can't judge. Either way, the whole plot was made up but it is true that my mom taught us how to exit something called flight or fight mode when in non-life threatening situations, like when you panic, she taught us to think clearly. Nothing as extreme as how they portrayed us in the show. Honestly, it's counterintuitive to make a show that puts my mom in bad light for business reasons and so while everything was scripted, she did maintain her usual air of professionalism, the directors just took all the parts that made her look as bad as possible."