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People Who Have Showed Up On Reality TV Share Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

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Who among us doesn't like to indulge in a few guilty pleasure reality TV shows? Curling up with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and the most recent episode of The Bachelorette is one of the few indulgences in life that no one should be judged for partaking in. In fact, keeping up-to-date with the scandals on certain reality shows is actually a great way to communicate with your fellow man. Debating about which contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race actually deserves the lifetime supply of fancy makeup, the cash prize, and social media infamy brings co-workers, family members, and even strangers together.

Accordingly, many reality TV fans know that nothing on their favorite shows is completely real. How many times have the Kardashians or various Shark Tank contestants complained, noting that things have been taken out of context or that their words have been twisted? One tends to wonder, though, "Just how fabricated are these shows?" Reddit has discovered the answers. Users are telling all their behind-the-scenes secrets and you won't believe which of your binge shows are hiding big secrets.

  • Guy Fieri Might Not Be The Lovable Food Fanatic He Seems To Be On TV

    From Reddit user HotelIndiaFoxtrot:

    "Friend owns a butcher shop and happens to be the supplier of meats to this restaurant where an episode of [Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives] was going to be filmed, and asked me to come along with him... Thing is, not one of the people in the restaurant during that scene was a random restaurant customer; everyone was an special invited guest of the restaurant owners. Once we arrived, the producer dude placed us in seats, and they made a few people move tables/booths (for a better overall crowd look, I presume). They gave us some preliminary instructions... And then we waited. And waited, and waited. After maybe 45 minutes or so, the wait staff just started bringing out food and placing it on tables. No one had ordered anything, but the staff just started bringing stuff out. Once a decent number of people had dishes at their table, The servers would continue bringing food out… But this time with camera peeps behind them filming them as they took plates to tables. They did some interview shots with people eating, and when I watched the episode it was edited to look as if they were responding to something the Guy had said to them, even though he wasn't around at all at this point.

    "Shortly after that, Guy Fieri comes in, and everyone applauds, and he just sort of waves his hand at everyone quickly... Never smiles, and goes back to typing on his phone. I had always thought GF looks kinda douchey but was probably nice in person [but] nope. [He's an] absolute total diva/douchebag the entire time. Never acknowledged the crowd, barely acknowledged the production crew, just kinda seemed like a [jerk]. Literally was standing right beside a booth where someone was sitting, and the lady sitting there said something to him like, 'Hey we love your show.' GF just kinda does this half smirk/smile thing and never acknowledges the lady or anyone at her booth. Only... when the video guy would say 'action' would he turn on the switch and actually try to talk to crowd people, get excited and talk about the food and stuff...

    "The restaurant kitchen scenes where they were going to film Guy and the chef prepping and making the food were filmed the day before, and the owner said it was the exact same thing; zero interaction with GF until the cameras were rolling. They even filmed some 'outtakes' which were somewhat pre-planned and set up in advance..."

  • Those People On Catfish Are (Unfortunately) Really Getting Catfished

    From Reddit user Cueball61:

    "Catfish is... semi-real. The production team call up everyone involved beforehand, do the research, etc as nobody wants to fly halfway across the US to a dead end.

    "Nev and Max aren't informed of any info the production team find though, they have to find it out themselves, so all their reactions are genuine...

    "Once in a while the producers have swapped the catfish/hopefuls around, when they want a good story, but overall it's surprisingly unscripted."

  • The Makeover Shows Don't Always Give Great Makeovers; Sometimes They're Just Alright

    From Reddit user seriousrepliesonly:

    "My friend was on What Not to Wear and I was in the audience of people who were there to react when she came out from behind the curtain with her new look. She came out over and over again, but our cheering was never enthusiastic enough for the producers. After about 10 takes, we were screaming our heads off, totally hysterical, as if we'd just seen her rise from the dead. So that part was fake; I thought she just looked alright."

  • Occasionally Divorcees On Reality TV End Up Happily Married

    From Reddit user Butta_Butta_Jam:

    "My daughter and her boyfriend were on Divorce Court. They were not married and the shows producers helped them tailor their story (which was completely made up) to be more interesting. They are now married and since they've already been 'divorced,' it should last forever."