The Reality Shows You Would Most Want to Win

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Vote up the reality shows that you'd most want to win if you could - whether you'd want the prestige and bragging rights of The Amazing Race, or the industry fast-track of Project Runway and Top Chef. It's okay if the show is no longer on the air because there are still reruns for you to dream about.

If you could be on any reality show, which one would you most want to win? Maybe it's the chance at love, or the fast track to your dream job, maybe the payout is just exactly what you need to buy happiness, or the bragging rights would be priceless. Whatever the reason, these are the reality shows you would most want to win.

You can't turn on the TV these days without accidentally running into an epic reality competition show. From dancing and singing to cooking and just plain ol' surviving, there's a televised battle that tests just about every skill. But have you ever wondered exactly what it is that the contestants are competing for? If you're planning to enter yourself, you probably want to know which are the reality shows with the best prizes! Obviously, those would be the coolest to win, even if you have to eat bugs or walk around naked to do it. For all the stress of competitive travel, The Amazing Race prizes are not to be scoffed at - a cool million to be split among the team. But even smaller prizes, like Chopped's $10,000, can be tempting when industry recognition is thrown in.

Sometimes the winners only walk away with a shiny trophy and 15 minutes of fame, but other shows give away up to $1 million! Which is the best reality show to win? Vote up the reality shows you would most want compete in for the chance to win the prize.