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The Most Controversial Reality TV Stars

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The term reality television star seems almost oxymoronic when you say it out loud, but when a docu-series about a family of duck hunters pulls in more viewers than every season of Community combined, it may be the most appropriate term. Although, due to the 24 hour news cycle, and constant bombardment of new reality programming, how does a star maintain their relevance? Some stars pursue legitimate acting careers, some write books, and others embroil themselves in a scandal or controversy. Those are the cuckoo bananas reality stars are who we’re talking about here. You know the ones, the hair pulling, transvestite fighting, conspiracy theory compiling stars of new media who have somehow managed to trick the world into caring about them and don’t want to let their fame die. This list has the most controversial reality stars to ever throw a fit on your TV - we hope you brought the popcorn.

Of course, not all controversy is drummed up to keep viewers' eyes on the screen. Some of the worst information about the stars on this list is truly horrific and was only discovered by journalists plunging deep into their personal lives to reveal them as controversial figures they are. But sometimes, the reality show celebrities on this list just open their mouths and out come terrible diamonds of quotable awfulness. Keep your barf bags handy for this list of the most controversial reality television stars.

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    Abby Lee Miller from "Dance Moms" Is Emotionally Abusive

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    The Dance Moms star is crazy mean and was sued by Kelly Hyland and her two daughters, who appeared on the Lifetime series, for intentionally subjecting them to emotional stress. Hyland claims her girls were "subjected to abusive and unlawful working conditions," including being bullied and sexualized. Hyland also accused Abby of trying to bite her, defame her, and put her daughters in contact with a choreographer who was charged with sexual assault of a child and possession of child pornography.

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    It's not hard to get the viewing public to hate you, but when people on message boards are calling you "Aaryn the Aryan" you might have messed up. After spouting a vile stream of homophobic and racist remarks on a live Internet feed AND on live television, Aaryn was not only booted from the house, but also lost the representation of her modeling agency.
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  • At this point, it feels like the FBI should just start filing charges against anyone cast on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In 2014, Giudice and her husband entered a guilty plea to 41 counts of fraud after being accused of engaging in bank, mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud, which allegedly saw them net more than $5 million over a 10 year period. On October 2, 2014, she was sentenced to 15 months in a federal prison and her husband, serving three and a half years, may face deportation following his release.
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  • 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have, well, 19 children. For better or worse, they're still open to adding more offspring to their brood despite their youngest child being born three months premature and experiencing major health complications during her first year. Since then, Michelle has suffered at least one miscarriage. These health problems have prompted critics to question whether or not the Duggars' parenting practices are healthy for Michelle or their children.

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