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15 Juicy Reality TV Scandals

Reality TV scandals have been around since the first reality shows took to the air, but in the age of social media, the crazy things that happen on reality television seem to be getting more and more attention as the scandals get weirder little by little, year after year. From celebrities caught being racist to accusations of child abuse, there are just a few scandals culled from reality TV in recent years.

What are the biggest reality television scandals? You get to vote on whether the cast of "Big Brother" dropping N-bombs is worse than firing models on "The Price is Right" for getting pregnant. Game show scandals, reality competition scandals, and reality TV show drama are all up for voting on the list of the biggest scandals on reality television.

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    Treatment of Price Is Right Models

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    Apparently "The Price is Right" has long been a less-than-nurturing environment for its models to work in. From claims of sexual harassment to allegations of miscarriages caused by on-the-job stress, many of the show's models have filed lawsuits against the producers and hosts in the 40-odd years the show has been on the air.
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    Everything About Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

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    When viewers, critics, AND the people who make "The Bachelor" all say you're the worst single man in the history of the series, there's probably a point to be heeded. 

    When season 18 of ABC's "The Bachelor" was announced, hearts fluttered for the pro soccer playing, hunky Venezuelan single dad, Juan Pablo Galavis, though the infatuation by viewers and female contestants alike was fleeting.

    During the course of the season, Juan Pablo made derogatory remarks about homosexuals and marriage, used the word "retarded" in a derogatory sense on Twitter, told one of the final two ladies that he liked having sex with her, but didn't love her (in slightly less PG language), and then didn't bother to propose to his final choice or even tell her he loved her.

    Worst. Bachelor. Ever. 
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    Big Brother Contestants Drop Myriad Racial Slurs in House

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    The contestants on "Big Brother 15" weren't shy about voicing their opinions on anything from racial minorities to homosexuals on CBS's summer show. Four contestants- including the eventual winner, Andy Herren- came under public scrutiny for comments made during the filming of the show.

    Pageant consultant GinaMarie Zimmerman was let go from her job after using racial slurs that included the N-word; Aaryn Gries was dropped from her modeling agency for racially fueled commentary; Spencer Clawson was subjected to a formal investigation into comments, including some about child pornography, made on the show by his employer before being allowed to return from a leave of absence; and Herren's employer, Glen Ellyn, Illinois' COllege of DuPage, made certain to distance themselves from their employee before considering offering his position back after the show had wrapped. 
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    Jillian Michael's Quest for Perkier Contestants

    In a move that returned ousted fan favorite back to the program, team head Jillian Michaels was found guilty of providing her contestants with unapproved caffeine pills that may or may not have given her team an advantage. Regardless of its effects on their bodies, the team was penalized with a four pound addition (one per team member) going into the week's weigh-in.
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