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24 Secrets From The Sets Of Reality TV Shows

Have you ever wondered what reality television sets are like? In the nearly 20 years since the genre took over our television screens, rumors have swirled about how much "reality" these programs really show. A recent Reddit thread asked insiders to dish the dirt on reality TV secrets - and damn, did the crew and cast members deliver! Here are the most shocking reality show production secrets, revealed.
  • Creative Editing and Dramatic Music Make the Moment

    "Those reaction shots of shock/horror that we cut to are not necessarily from that moment... could be someone told them a story that made them make a goofy face that reads as shock, and when we cut to it with dramatic music, it looks like the lady is reacting to what's going on in the scene."
  • Producers Ask Leading Questions to Get Better Soundbites

    "What might be surprising to some (it surprised me at first) is how much producers in the field lead the 'talent' (i.e., the subjects of the show) into saying whatever they want. They'll basically plant ideas in their heads when interviewing people 'hey wasn't stacy a bitch at last night's dinner.' Then when the talent tacitly agrees, because they all just want to be on TV and please the people making TV, they'll ask them if they can 'say it in a complete sentence because that will make it easier to edit.' Very little of the words they end up using are the talent's own."
  • 'Jersey Shore' Was Loosely Scripted

    "A friend of mine's uncle is a barber in Jersey, who during the first season of Jersey Shore, did Mike's haircuts and I think also Vinny. He said they had a script that basically said stuff like 'get drunk--flirt with girl (insert name) is dancing with--start fight--gossip about so-and-so' etc etc.

    I wouldn't be surprised if more shows had loose scripts like that. Not exact lines and such but plot lines they want you to do to/with unsuspecting people."

  • There Was Even More Sex Happening On 'The Real World' Than We Thought

    "Not me but a guy I know used to be a dailies editor for the Real World. There is a lot more f***ing going on than they led on. The cast members eventually got wise as to what could be shown on TV and stopped having sex under covers to just only having ball slapping rough sex in full view of the camera. They couldn't air that footage mostly because they couldn't really censor it in a logical way to show on TV."