The Best Reality TV Shows In 2019

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Any new or returning reality television series that aired new episodes during the 2019 calendar year.

UPDATED: Check out The Best Reality TV Shows of 2020!

Not only are there lots of new reality TV shows premiering in 2019 but many favorite reality series are returning. This list looks at the best current television reality shows that that will be airing new episodes in 2019. Each show keeps it real (well, real enough), but which are the best new and returning reality TV shows in 2019?

The reality competition show seems to be king in 2019. Most of the reality television airing in 2019 is some sort of reality talent competition with shows including old favorites such as The Voice, American Idol, Project Runway, RuPaul's Drag Race, and more. Other reality TV shows on the air in 2019 has more of a docudrama angle. Naked and Afraid and Deadliest Catch both offer an eye into extraordinary lives or situations. There are also plenty of shows such as Sister Wives, The Real Housewives, and Little Women that combine the sense of documentary with maybe the purest or most traditional form of reality television: watching other people's lives.

Which reality TV shows are you going to watch in 2019? Keep it real by voting up the best new and returning reality shows to air in 2019. Then see which reality shows are returning in 2020.

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