Really Old Jokes That Are Actually Still Funny

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There’s something charming about these old jokes and how quaint they are that you can’t help but laugh at. The humor of a particular society is incredibly specific to the people who live in it. For instance, Victorian-era jokes tend to be concerned with things like chimneys, waifs, and urchins, while ancient jokes (from around the 10th century or so) tend to be both incredibly filthy and kind of confusing. If you’re looking for a change of pace from the modern era of story-based comedy about roommates and hoverboards, then take a look at these really old jokes that are still funny.

No matter what era you lived in, or what kind of strife you were living through (famine, plague, black lung) comedy has always been there to relieve you of your woes. Since the dawn of language, humans have been making each other laugh. These really old jokes below may do just that (or more likely, they'll make you groan).

Next time you've got a date, put one of these old jokes in your back pocket to bust out when the time is right. After all: nothing's sexier than someone with an appreciation for history. Like wine, these ancient jokes have only gotten finer with age.

Photo: Don O' Brien / via Wikimedia

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    What Hangs At A Man's Thigh And Wants To Poke The Hole It's Often Poked Before?

    A key.

    - From the 10th century

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    What Do You Call The Largest Mammal On Earth That Lives In A Palace?

    The Prince of Wales, of course!

    - From the 18th century

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    A Man Goes To The Barber And The Barber Asks, 'How Would You Like Your Hair Cut?'

    The man says, "In silence."

    - From the 19th century

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    What Is The Difference Between Stabbing A Man And Killing A Hog?

    One is assaulting with intent to kill; the other is killing with intent to salt.

    - A Victorian-era chuckler

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    When Is A Door Not A Door?

    When it is a jar.

    - A possible origin-less joke from a time when there was nothing but doors

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    Who Is The Greatest Chicken-Killer In Shakespeare?

    Macbeth, because he did murder most fowl.

    - From the Victorian era

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