26 Of The Most Regrettable Girlfriend Tattoos Ever

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When it comes to the world's most regrettable tattoos, girlfriend tattoo fails always appear to make the list. To be fair, funny girlfriend tattoos don't stem from a trashy place, but their owners should know that a crime of taste is not the issue here (though some of these portraits do warrant an explanation). Despite centuries of evidence that such ink is almost always a bad idea, each generation seems to usher forth a new group of dudes who somehow believe their regrettable girlfriend tattoos will age with grace. Here you will meet several such men.

As you'll see, some of them made the cardinal mistake of tattoo fails waiting to happen by getting their now ex-girlfriend's name inked onto their bodies in a moment of misguided passion. Others ended up with not-so-lifelike regrettable girlfriend portrait tattoos. Perhaps the most regrettable have a girlfriend literally inked onto themselves, because that may be the closest they'll ever manage to get to a woman, even a cartoon one. Luckily, no one got a facial tattoo of their girlfriend. Regardless of the circumstances, prepare to get a load of a collection of funny girlfriend tattoos that'll hopefully inspire you to come up with other ways to prove your undying love.

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    When Your Girl's Hairline Comes Out Looking More Like Your Dad's

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    That's Gonna Be A B*tch To Cover If Brenda Breaks It Off

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    This Is Your Face On Meth, On Somebody's Body

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    Cute Girlfriend Or Creepypasta Thumbnail Image?

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    Something Just Ain't Right About That

    Something Just Ain't Right About That
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    Girlfriend Tat Or All The Reasons Not To Use Tan In A Can?

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