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Jacob Shelton
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The recent allegations of Ted Cruz's sexual impropriety that are quickly turning into a full-blown sex scandal aren't all that surprising. Politicians embroiled in public infidelity isn't all that new, right? What's actually surprising in this specific case, though, is that it's human swamp thing Ted Cruz with whom FIVE women are allegedly choosing - and not being forced - to have sex.

I mean, have you seen the guy? No matter where you stand on his politics, you have to realize that Ted Cruz looks gross. Like, football coach that just stepped out of a milk sauna gross. Even pictures of Ted Cruz smiling, where he’s trying to seem the slightest bit affable, he looks like a dough monster that’s about to climb the Empire State Building. The most mind boggling thing about Ted Cruz is that not only does he have two daughters, but there rumors all over the place about his extra marital affairs. How does someone who looks so bad spend so much time banging his way through Washington DC? Help us solve this mystery by checking out these ugly pics of Ted Cruz.

One of the most consistent things about Ted Cruz pictures is that he regularly looks like a confused fish man who just ate too much barbecue, and we don’t need to tell you that that’s not a good look. For a guy who spends most of his day in front of television cameras you’d think he’d get a trainer or start doing push ups in between interviews. But not Teddy Cruz, he just munches on birthday cake while Googling ways to elongate his already super weird, fish hook nose. We almost pity the men and women who find him attractive. Vote on the image where Ted Cruz looks the least bangable. And if you’re harboring any weird thoughts about the Presidential hopeful feel free to tell us about it in the comments.
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He's Got a Smile That Says "Don't Let Me Babysit."

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With a Nose Like That Who Needs a Fishing Hook?

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He Calls His Mouth "The Kiss Hole"

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Ted Cruz Has the Pastiest Skin This Side of a Cure Concert

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