Realtors Describe Their Strangest Experiences While Showing Houses

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Part of a realtor's job is to wander through other people's houses, trying to find good selling points among all the weird things and clutter. Oh, there's an adult playroom that doubles as a bathroom? Somehow, the realtor has to make that seem like an investment for the savvy buyer. There's a strange man living in the basement? Potential tenants can charge him rent and earn an additional form of income.

The point is, realtors see some pretty outrageous things, and they share their amazing stories on Reddit.

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    Must Have Been Some Party

    From a former Redditor:

    I scheduled an early appt one day in a very up scale, trendy area. I knocked on the door and the owner answered. I introduced myself and he had this dumbfounded look on his face like he forgot about our appointment. I told him I had some work to do on the outside of the house and to give me 10 minutes and we could do the walk through. All he said was, "Ughhh, okay." 

    So I finish outside and knock again. The guy let's me in. I'm immediately punched in the face with the stink of sex and at least 12 naked men and women asleep all nude in various stages of undress throughout the house. My face turned beet red and I told the owner I could could come back at a more convenient time. He assured me that it was okay and it was very important that the appraisal be completed today and to proceed.

    I go through the house and do my thing, including taking photos! Although I did shoot around the sex toys and nude extremities. It was the most awkward situation of life. Why didn't he just reschedule!?

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    Even Realtors Can Be Disgusting

    From Redditor /u/FerociousGiraffe:

    Not a realtor, but once I was having one show me apartments for college. The realtors are even able to show you apartments that are currently occupied, as it is understood by the tenant that the realtor can show during certain hours.

    We walked in to look at one that was occupied and we could hear the shower running, but he said we would look around anyway. There was a picture of the girl that was living there, and the realtor saw it, said, "She's hot," and made a creepy gesture like he was going to go get in the shower with her. She never knew that we were in her place.

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    He Found A Hand In The Toilet

    From Redditor /u/ArkadySvidrigailov:

    I'm a realtor in California. A home inspector told me a story about finding a human hand in a house. He started out his inspection in the kitchen and moved into the bathroom. He lifted up the lid on the toilet and immediately saw a hand floating in it. He called the cops and said I'm finished here not looking anywhere else. The cops came and found pieces of a dismembered body throughout the house.

    Apparently it was some kind of... cartel/drug related killing. Needless to say the buyer was none too happy and ended up canceling the purchase.

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    Barb Has The Worst Luck

    From Redditor /u/MadPoetModGod:

    Not a realtor but my mother used to be one. She had a friend, Barb... Barb had the worst, most bizarre luck with clients. These are two I remember hearing.

    She was showing a very old (1930s?) fixer-upper. Water started leaking onto her and her client's head. Upon investigation it wasn't water. Rather, it was a stray dog peeing upstairs. That's right. All three of them had just been pissed on.

    She was showing a very nice home to a very young couple. In the foyer when a "New York sized rat" dragged its poisoned body by its front paws to the center of the room to hiss at them once, then promptly die.

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    She Was Laying There In Her Skivvies

    From Redditor /u/PaperCutRugBurn:

    I scheduled a showing at a property occupied by renters. They were fully aware of the showing, I talked to the husband directly. Showed up with my client and his two year old; the whole family was there, husband and two kids nonchalantly watching TV in the living room. The wife however was laying on the bed in the master bedroom, door open, watching TV... In her lace bra and panties.

    As we walk by, she just looks over and goes, "Come on in and take a look around." We noped out of the house immediately. I later talked to the listing agent, we were not the first to lodge a complaint.

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    They Liked Their Toys Toasty

    From Redditor /u/priceguncowboy:

    Going through a recently vacated unit assessing damages and making a punch list for the turnover crew to get the unit ready for the next tenants. We open the warming drawer of the oven and find a dildo. This isn't your ordinary dildo, this thing is about the size of my calf. 

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