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14 Reasons Why Ansel Elgort Is The Gen Z John Mayer

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You may have loved him as the music-driven protagonist of 2017's Baby Driver. He may have made you cry as Shailene Woodley's love interest in The Fault In Our Stars. You may even think he's the next Tom Hanks. But it has become increasingly difficult to separate Ansel Elgort's on-screen talent from the mega-smug, irritating interviews he gives off-camera. In other words, the public seems to have hit the highest capacity for Ansel Elgort's rudeness.

Ansel Elgort seems like he was off putting even before he was famous. Maybe it's the fact that he just exudes privilege (his dad is a famous photographer and his mother is a famous opera director). Or maybe it's his side gig as a DJ. Whatever the reason, Elgort's clueless interviews over the years have done nothing to smooth over his worst traits.

It's unclear yet whether Elgort will surpass his Divergent costar Miles Teller in being rude and obnoxious, but he's certainly giving the man a run for his money.

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    He Joked About How Threatening He Is To Women

    In a 2014 interview with GQ, Elgort came off as more than a little menacing:

    Girls love it when you have some weird nerdy thing in your room. It makes you look less threatening, even though I'm, like, very threatening. I'm the most threatening guy ever.

    It's a "joke," of course.

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    He Brags About How Easy It Is For Him To 'Get' Women

    In a 2015 interview with Elle, Elgort boasted that it was easy to "get" dancers at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. This echoes Billboard's description of him as someone with the "easy charm of someone who’s used to things working out in his favor."

    That privilege certainly comes through elsewhere in his Elle interview, when he outlines his perfect date with seeming disregard to the woman's preferences: 

    If you can find a girl who you can go to an EDM concert with, have a conversation with, who will sit on the couch and watch you play GTA for three hours — and then you go to bed and have [an] amazing [hook up]? That should be your girlfriend.

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    He Constantly Insists He Isn't 'Douchey'

    During a Billboard interview, he talks about how he renovated a New York City brownstone instead of buying "someplace douchey," and claims that he goes to Le Pain Quotidien because he has great taste:

    It’s extremely solid... Some people are like, ‘You’re from New York, have you been to, like, insert-five-really-douchey-places?’ I haven’t been to any of those places. I like my solid places.

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    He Calls The Prayer-hands Pose Chill

    The prayer-hands pose seems to give an instant whiff of obnoxiousness, maybe because of its association with Justin Bieber. Regardless of how you feel about it personally, it's undeniable that this moment from Elgort's Billboard profile is cringe-inducing:

    A New York University student passes by, silently acknowledging Elgort with a bowed head and prayer hands. 'That was chill,' decides Elgort.

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