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12 Solid Reasons Why 'Apex Legends' Is Better Than 'Fortnite'

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When it comes to ranking battle royales, Apex Legends and Fortnite are usually at the top of the list. Both games have been hailed as epic multiplayer shooters. And while Fortnite has reigned supreme for years, Apex Legends has been seriously encroaching on Fortnite's territory since it dropped in 2019. While Fortnite still has a dedicated following, many fans now consider Apex to be a superior game, as it was able to refine some aspects of the battle royale formula, as well as leave out some of the extraneous elements that have traditionally been seen as weighing Fortnite down. 

But while both games have their pros and cons, you really can't help but wonder which title would come out on top in a match that pits Apex Legends vs. Fortnite. Sure, Apex may have been out a shorter time, but it already feels like a more polished, streamlined experience than the rest of its competitors in the genre, and this caused many players to leave Fortnite entirely.

Don't believe that Apex has taken over the battle royale scene? Here are 12 obvious reasons why Apex Legends is better than Fortnite.

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    It Features Better Graphics And Is Simply More Stylish

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    This one may be a matter of personal taste, but Apex Legends is just better to look at than Fortnite. While photo-realistic graphics doesn't always mean better, Apex comes out on top in this one. For starters, Fortnite's color palette is so bright it can sometimes be an overload, and the characters can sometimes look strange considering the distinct art style.

    Apex, on the other hand, still has unique and colorful characters, but the designs are toned down enough that they're palatable and pleasing to look at. Fortnite's cartoony style can be fun for some, but for many it makes the game feel dated and a bit childish.

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    The Story Is More Engaging And There's More Lore

    Other than the fact that there's a storm coming, hence providing a reason why the players are confined to a smaller and smaller place to fight, Fortnite doesn't have much by way of lore. Apex, on the other hand, has a whole cast of colorful characters, each of whom has their own unique backstory and special abilities. Each character has a different personality and feel, giving you more options in the way of how you play and the gameplay style you execute.

     Not only does Apex have that addictive quality you can find from most battle royales, but it also has that added layer of giving players a bunch of lore to dive into, if that's your thing. 

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    'Apex' Gives Players More Control Over Their Weapons

    In Fortnite, there's not a lot of versatility when it comes to each type of gun. When you find one out in the world, you're just hoping for a rarer gun, which might give you more damage or an attachment like a scope, but these are all randomized. Meanwhile, in Apex, each gun you get is a "basic" model that you upgrade by finding attachments.

    If you find a base gun that you like better, you can swap it out and keep the attachments you have. This allows players to have more control over how their guns work and what makes them strong, and players have the opportunity to create their own build that works best for them.

    Each weapon is unique, and being able to customize them even more, with the upgrades you already have, makes gameplay even richer. 

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    'Apex' Excels At Being A First-Person Shooter

    While a third-person perspective might make more sense for Fortnite's building mechanic, it's not super intuitive for shooting. For most, first-person has been the preferred way to go for shooting mechanics for years, and there's a reason for that, especially in fast-paced, high-intensity game types like a battle royale.

    The camera needs to be offset slightly from the character one way or another in a third-person view, making it more difficult to tell exactly where you'll be aiming. With first-person, however, the player always knows that they'll be looking at the exact middle of the screen. Apex's intuitive first-person design helps make it easier to get a better view of your surroundings, without having to worry about your giant head or shoulder blocking your POV.

    Sure, it's an aesthetic choice, but when looking at it from a more traditional style Apex definitely takes the cake here.

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